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This is capitalism - - if you have something I desperately need to make filthy money to satisfy my greedy self interest, then perhaps we can do business if I come up with a sum of money to satisfy YOUR greedy self interest. Peaceful. Free. Trade.

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For all intent and purposes, it is similar to A selling X shares which he owns.You can sell your money market fund units and receive your money around 3 days time.Allowing shorting is already bad, naked short even badder, but nothing beats scrip lending to the shortists to destroy the value of good stocks and even the whole market with their unruly action.

Contra is the buying or selling of stocks without having to pay for the cost of the.

The Singapore name first appeared in the mid-1920s, on a one-off, twin.Has Singapore turned into a fertile ground for short sellers.It is probably due to the evolution of paper trades becoming like a game of chance as well as skillful manipulations bordering gimmick and chicanery.

Hedge funds set to bank millions by short selling during London share. by short selling during London share slump.The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is seeking public comment on new proposals that will require the marking of all sell orders as either normal or short sales.

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They should not have the benefit of a scrip borrowing to cover their positions for destroying the value of the scrip holders.There would be virtually no jobs other than village life and fishing.

Average short interest for the Singapore Stock Exchange has risen 26% this year.However, that was a mistake of my own gambling and greed. patriot.

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Govt raises development charges on Singapore property.

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Life would be so harsh, and the people totally exposed to the whims of nature.Many are still in a state of shock with mouths still unable to close, jaws l.With or without SGX makes no difference to a lot of Sinkies, including me.If all the companies listed on SGX are good quality with good management, why do we need to worry about short selling.

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Singapore has proposed newrules that would require investors to report short sales ofshares - a further sign authorities are stepping up scrutiny ofinvestors who take.Do not force our young into acquiring huge debt in the purchase of properties.Singapore is where the bustle of city life becomes entangled in the serenity of a.

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Similarly, a shortist position should be bought in from the market.There is no doubt that value investing is probably one of the most successful trading strategies of all investment history.Btw, if You have read me, I had expressed many times the wish to live in a less developed and hence less modern place, preferably near mountainous and cooler region.Marina Bay with Suntec City and National Stadium and Kallang in the background.A good management would already have anticipated a short sellers attack.Modern productive industrialised market based society equal WEALTH, as opposed to those savages living in the jungles who have no capital markets, no industrialisation.

You can pay by clicking the Paypal Buy Now button when buying my book, Redbean Soup.Posted by Noam Noked, co-editor, HLS Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, on.This is the first time Tharman has lost his cool and furiously trying to defend himself all because of a survey commissioned by Yahoo and co.The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as proposed a series short selling reforms to enhance market transparency.

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Selling a condo is best done through an agent who specializes in condo sales.I have made my points about the silliness of scrip lending in my older posts.A shortist is speculating, selling without having the shares.Dr Elder mentioned that a person should learn not only to buy shares but also to sell short.

Goods and services become the reality we can simply take for granted, as we do as bored, rich assholes.Short selling is not as harmful as people think, and actually serves an important function in the market.The Singapore stock market hasunexpectedly turned into a playground for short-sellers lookingto profit from weakness in shares of companies with.Compare prices, read reviews, and view pictures of all short yoga breaks and yoga weekends in Singapore.